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Regarding “One Hundred Points”:

Adair Jones One Book Many Brisbanes


“Authors including Kate Morton and Nick Earls will share the pages of One Book Many Brisbanes 4: An anthology of Brisbane stories alongside newcomers James Halford and Adair Jones, who won their coveted spots in the book.

Jones, who emigrated to Brisbane from New York in 1996, has written about a man who feels like an outsider walking through the streets of Brisbane.

“Because I’m from New York, I sometimes feel that sense of being an outsider,” Jones said. “My story is about a man walking from West End to Parliament House with his lips sewn shut, but he gets a lot of support along the way from people who don’t even know what his cause is.”

Jones said this city was a place with many stories to tell and she was pleased to have her work published alongside authors including William McInnes, who grew up in Redcliffe, Janet Turner Hospital, who attended Mitchelton State School, and Earls and Morton, who both write from Brisbane.”

Madeline Healy, The Courier Mail


“Jones’ haunting essay One Hundred Points shines a light on the plight of asylum seekers and would surely melt the hardest of hearts.”

Julia Ross, The Courier-Mail

Budding writers share the pages with famous authors in new Brisbane anthology

“Five of Brisbane’s freshest literary talent will enjoy the rare opportunity to be published alongside famous authors in the Brisbane 150 edition of One Book Many Brisbanes to be launched on 24 June.

“One Book Many Brisbanes 4: An anthology of Brisbane stories” is written by the five winning authors in the One Book Many Brisbanes 2008 story competition alongside six invited well-known authors with ties to Brisbane, namely William McInnes, Nick Earles, Kate Morton, Janette Turner Hospital, Graham Nunn and Tara June Winch.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said the anthology of 10 stories and one poem was a fitting way to celebrate Brisbane’s 150th anniversary as a municipality by welcoming fresh perspectives of the city.”

Brisbane Marketing

One Book Many Brisbanes 4


Another book ticked off my list (though cheekily another two to replace it…) One Book Many Brisbanes 4 is an anthology of Brisbane stories, by the winners and commissioned authors.

I wasn’t born in Brisbane but I’ve lived here most of my life, so the detail the stories contained resonated. Familiar street names and suburbs, frangipani, poinciana, bougainvillea and mango trees, possums and fruit bats at dusk and the unmistakable Queensland sun.

My favourites – We Were from the Mountains (Kate Morton) for sense of place, One Hundred Points (Adair Jones) for subject matter, and Little Bird (Karen Foxlee) for unique analogies.

Regarding Mirror, Mirror:

“With outstanding literary originality and acuity, the narrative is climactic by way of delaying crucial knowledge, leaving the reader with heightened anticipation for intriguing questions to be answered. Mirror, Mirror is a work of original creativity.”

M McNamara, M Bower-Kramer, P Collins, CAL editing team: June 2009

Regarding The Book of Sand:

“In the sweep and dynamism of this story lies the exciting promise of a novel that will renew the dialogue about the identity of contemporary Australia.”

Sue Abbey, Editor

Regarding Flesh:

“Really, really powerful.  The book hurts–and that is good.  Reading it is a cathartic experience.”

Terry Cutler, former head of the Australia Council

“Adair Jones…creates characters that are fiercely authentic and weaves relationships that readers can believe are their own.  In time, we’ll see her take a well-earned place amongst the upper shelves of quality home-grown fiction.”

Darren Groth, author of MVP – Most Valuable Potential

Regarding The Tower of Forgetting:

“I found the writing to be quite lovely. . . .”

Lyn Tranter, Australian Literary Management

“The writing is clear, unhesitant, reflective and intriguing. . . .[T]his is very much a memory piece in the best sense of the expression.  The intertwining narratives [set] up a lovely complexity of emotions.”

Venero Armanno, author of The Volcano


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  1. diane24143 said, on June 8, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    When can I have the pleasure of reading your novels. Whatever the holdup is your books don’t deserve to be held up!!!! Congratulations on your talent.

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