WORD SEARCH with Adair Jones

Posted in Uncategorized by Adair Jones on March 25, 2012

WORD SEARCH with Adair Jones

In search of dreams in literature

Films like TheMatrix and Inception have brought together many of the philosophical and psychological dimensions of a literary tradition that dates back as far as Homer.  In literature, dreams occur as religious visions, as symbols, as messages, as reflections of philosophical ideas. Dreams appear in art in order to expose our anxieties, our wishes, our desires for escape.  And for writers like Murakami, dreams have even become a methodology for storytelling.


Cædmon (?), The Dream of the Rood, 7th century

An intriguing early English example of the genre of dream poetry, The Dream of the Rood is set up with the narrator dreaming of the cross on which Christ was crucified. Details of Christ’s mission on earth are outlined, the dreamer exhorted to share what he has dreamed.  What makes this story utterly charming is the way the biblical story collides with…

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